Dino Peros
Alternate Opposing Solo

Dino Peros grew up in Queens, New York where he developed a great interest in aviation at an early age.  Dino worked at his local church, as well as anywhere else he could, to save enough money to begin flying lessons at age 16.

He began flying at both Zahns Airport in Long Island, where he obtained his private pilot’s license, as well as from Flushing Airport in Queens, where he also worked as a line boy on the very same SNJs he enjoys flying so much today.

A graduate of Aviation High School in New York, Dino also attended the University of South Florida, earning a degree in Psychology.  Immediately following college, he entered the US Marine Corps and became a commissioned officer.  In 1983, Dino reported to Naval Air Station Pensacola, FL, and was commissioned a Naval Aviator.

Dino went on to fly the A-4 Skyhawk attack aircraft and earned many qualifications, including Special Weapons delivery pilot. In 1988, he transferred into the Marine Corps’ newest aircraft, the AV-8B Harrier attack jet, and in 1991 flew in the very first U.S. combat mission in the Persian Gulf War for the Harrier aircraft. Dino is now a captain with a commercial airline and enjoys many hobbies including aerobatic flying and skydiving with his wife.