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#7 Jim Record

Jim Record grew up and currently resides on Long Island, New York, the Cradle of Aviation. His father served in WWII on a bomber crew, which nurtured Jim’s early interest in aviation.

Jim first flew with the Civil Air Patrol, later earning both his Pilot’s license and a bachelor’s degree in Aeronautics from Dowling College in Oakdale, New York. Recruited into the US Navy at Floyd Bennett Field, LCDR Record served as an IP in Formation, Gunnery, Carrier Landings and frequent long cross-country flights. He flew T-2’s, F-9’s, T-28’s, T-34’s, S-2’s, and A-4’s during his tour of duty.

After leaving the Navy, Jim flew corporate before becoming a commercial airlines pilot.  He flew the Douglas DC-9, Boeing 757, 747-400 and Airbus A-330 worldwide for 30 years before retiring from a major airline. Jim returned to his Alma Mater to earn his MBA. Jim is currently an Adjunct Professor in the Dowling School of Aviation, splitting his time between teaching and performing with the GEICO Skytypers.

Jim joined the Skytypers in 1992, and was one of the original Airshow Team pilots. Jim has previously flown as Lead Solo, Wing Solo and backup Lead. To date, Jim has flown over 50 different aircraft ranging from 154-pound ultralights to 1,000,000-pound jumbo jets as well as blimps, helicopters, seaplanes and sailplanes. Additional types of vintage aircraft flown include the WWI SPAD VII, Nieuport XXIV, Fokker D.VII, rotary engine powered Sopwith Camel, Cauldron G3, and the vintage Great Lakes 2T and Fleet 16 biplanes