larry arken

#1 Larry Arken
Commanding Officer/Flight Lead

Larry Arken is the commanding officer and flight lead for the GEICO Skytypers.  He also is a captain for a major commercial airline. As an adolescent and aspiring aviator, Larry sat in the co-pilot seat flying
over the skies of Long Island and the northeast coast behind his
father, Mort Arken. Mort was a former naval aviator whose passion
for flying led him to establish the Skytypers as an innovative
advertising company typing large dot-matrix style messages near
highly attended events and major metropolitan areas.  Under Mort,
the team also began flying at select air shows.  At a young age,
Larry saw the potential to build upon the foundation laid by his
father to create the world-class organization it has become today.

Larry’s aviation career formed while flying a variety of warbirds
and corporate jets. He first flew Falcon 10’s, 20’s and 50’s.  He
then transitioned to flying DC-8’s for UPS.  He later secured a
position with a commercial airlines as a long-term, career pilot.

When not flying large passenger planes for a commercial airlines, he flies
vintage P-47, F4U and P-51 warbirds for the Air Power Museum in
Farmingdale, NY.  Larry also holds a NATA North American Trainer
Association designation and is a check pilot for formation flying.
As an airline transport pilot, Arken has logged more than 25,000
flight hours and holds certification ratings for seven large jets.  Larry has bachelor’s degrees in marketing from St. Johns University and in applied science and technology from Thomas Edison State University.