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#5 Steve Salmirs
Senior Lead Solo

Steve Salmirs was born in Newport News, VA. His father worked for
NASA as an aeronautical engineer and his mother taught elementary
school.  Steve first became involved with airplanes in 1973 when
he joined the Aviation Explorer Scouts at Patrick Henry Field, VA.

Steve graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in
Daytona Beach, FL in 1980.  With an engineering degree and advanced
pilot certificates, Steve began his career at the Kennedy Space
Center, calibrating ground and flight equipment used on Space Shuttles
from 1980-1982. During this time, he also became a flight instructor
and charter pilot.

In 1982, Steve was accepted into the Air Force, earning his wings
and selected to fly F-16 fighters.  Steve’s initial assignment was
at MacDill AFB, FL. He later served at Nellis AFB, NV and Kunsan AB,
South Korea. Steve finished his Air Force career as a T-37 instructor
at Laughlin AFB, TX.

Currently the Lead Solo of the GEICO Skytypers, Steve has flown with
the group since 1996. He is a qualified NATA flight lead pilot and is instrumental in developing, writing and instructing the air show
routines each year. He also manages the standardization role for the
team to ensure all members are familiar with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Steve also incorporates revisions and updates to procedures to
ensure ongoing safety.

An advocate of general aviation, Steve has flown many different kinds of aircraft and enjoys sharing his passion for flying with others.