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All air show performers are at the mercy of weather and atmospheric conditions. However, the GEICO Skytypers are likely one of the most vulnerable. While the  demonstration portion of their routine is subject to the same challenges as other performers, visibility is especially important when determining “whether” or not the “weather” allows for skytyping. Clear skies provide the perfect canvas for skytyping, while a cloudy day is much like a rain delay at a sporting event.

Each day begins with a morning brief to precisely outline timelines and activities for the day. After every flight, a debrief is also conducted. The team is committed to constantly improving their performance while emphasizing pilot and aircraft safety. The highlight of each air show weekend is the time spent interacting with fans and spectators. The team regularly appears at the GEICO tent where they interact one-on-one with air show attendees, sign autographs, and pose for photos. The GEICO Gecko is often around to join in the festivities.

Skytypers Alumni

Mort Arken, Squadron Commander
Jan Wildbergh, Opposing Solo Pilot
Charles “OBie” O’Brien, Distinguished Skytyper Alumni